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Cozy Builders Web Sites

Flying Cozys
Morten Brandtzaeg
Bob Misterka
Ken Reiter
Mark Beduhn
Tim Merril
Marc and Nadine Parmelee
Nat Puffer
Carlos and Ruben Leon
Eric Westland
Marc Zeitlin

You will find lots of details about the building process in the web pages put together by individual builders. You can view numerous Cozy builder and supplier web sites, and even post your own site, free at Rick Maddy's Canard Builders Pages. An unofficial Cozy web site is found at Cozybuilders.org.

Many builders reference these sites on a regular basis. Please note that Cozy Development neither endorses nor supports these web sites. The opinions expressed in them are those of the individual builders, not those of Cozy Development and / or its directors.

Clark Canedy
Brian DeFord
Etsuo Fuwa
L. Wayne Hicks Rick Irwin
Rick Maddy
Oreste Muccilli
Norman Muzzy
Neal Newman
Wydo van de Waerdt & Johan van den Akker, The Netherlands
Chris vanHoof
Nathan A. Wolfe

The Cozy Design is an Aircraft Spruce Copyright
Aircraft Spruce purchased the Cozy designs (Cozy III and Cozy Mark IV) from Co-Z Development, and as of January 1, 2004 has the exclusive right to market these designs. These designs are protected with U.S. copyrights, and Aircraft Spruce has licensed no one else to copy all or any part of these designs to sell, loan, or give to others.

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