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Cozy IV Info Pack

Nat & Shirley Puffer seen here at the Ceremony at Oshkosh '93 where they Donated the Cozy MK III prototype.

The info pack contains 2 frameable pictures, sample pages from our construction manual, a summary of composite construction, specifications and a 3-view drawing, a complete flight test report, a number of magazine reprints, history of the design and of our company, a current newsletter, and other things of interest.

Cozy Mark IV Info Packs are available only from Aircraft Spruce. To order: call 1-877-477-7823, fax 951-372-0555, or email info@aircraftspruce.com. Please include your full name and address when ordering.


The Cozy Design is an Aircraft Spruce Copyright
Aircraft Spruce purchased the Cozy designs (Cozy III and Cozy Mark IV) from Co-Z Development, and as of January 1, 2004 has the exclusive right to market these designs. These designs are protected with U.S. copyrights, and Aircraft Spruce has licensed no one else to copy all or any part of these designs to sell, loan, or give to others.

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